Monday, August 24, 2009

Some of my Views on Money.

I don't see money as a bad thing but as you have mentioned its status in the world we live in, money is shown more respect then most people these days ie, the impoverished. The only way to cure this is to either teach the next generation the true worthlessness of money and to be socially conscious. I am actually an anarchist I'm in it all the way or no way at all. I have many dreams about the world but none that I can actually see happening during my time. Maybe my children would bear fruit to our ideas but at the moment I remain convinced that this system will not work for the better. The thing is another institution, the WTO would just over rule the cries of the people saying it was an illegal trade barrier getting in the way of profit. I hate the Obama craze going on in the world people just can't understand that he and McCain are exactly the same just on two different but awfully similar political parties. I think this is real corruption. I just talked to an American friend of mine, he actually believes that your either a Republican or a Democrat. But its sorta true no? there are no socialists just flawed capitalists. A lot of people call me a commie. I don't really care, I just laugh at their ignorance. They don't know what true communism is because they don't take the time to learn and they just soak up everything mainstream media sends their way.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Seattle Protests

The 1999 Seattle Protests showed us two things, one it showed us that ordinary people would show their solidarity for the tyrannized people of the third world and it showed the world that America is under martial law.

Not only did America bring in the National Guard to oppress the protesters but the Seattle riot police displayed the latest style of fascist riot policing. From shooting peaceful protesters with rubber bullets to shooting canisters of tear gas to an admirable crowd. Mainstream media reported on the Anarchists destroying private property rather then on the general movement of the protesters. CNN reporters babbled on about black hooded punks breaking windows while they did not report on what the fascist cops were saying. "If you do not move, you will be the subject of pain." This is what democracy looks like in our royally fucked up world. The anarchists as much as I respect them in engaging in illegal activities such as sabotage and blockades allowed the riot police to attack the peaceful protesters. They were the cause and the hundreds in jail was the effect. They allowed the country of America to aggressively crackdown on its political dissidents.

This world is not going to change unless we make it change. This injustice and inequality does matter and as long as there is one political prisoner in the world, the fight lives on.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Just say No

Israel is the new Nazi Germany of the Middle East. It has pursued the same policies Nazis took on the Jews before the onset of World War Two. But this time on, the Palestinians are being dealt with.

They, who came from Europe to Israel believed their shattered lives would be rebuilt and that liberty was a promise. After escaping horrible camps whose foundations were built on torture and death the Jews looked for a home. Here, they met the Palestinians. The ancient animosity that took place in Jerusalem was renewed.

History was designed to be rewritten. The stories you read today on the "war on terror" has been heavily favoring Israel and her western cronies. They are forgetting a crucial thing, War IS Terror. Hundreds of Israeli children and women have died over the years Hamas have been in power. Thousands of Palestinians have been forced homeless and killed in a few short weeks. This war has been justified as a war to protect democracy. This is a pusillanimous lie. Israel has never gone to war to protect democracy. If they want to protect democracy, begin at home. Still the Jews insist on building on land traditionally owned by the Palestinians. These structures are towering castles utilized to oversea and enslave the Palestinians. Democracy without freedom is slavery and brutality. This is modern age imperialism. 400,000 Palestinians were left without running water, 4,000 homes were destroyed. This is one of the worlds biggest humanitarian disasters in the world. Every weapon used to kill is a theft to the thousands of hungry and dying. Why destroy when you can build? As long as there is a Palestinian caged without freedom in their own homeland, I am not free.

It is because we protest
against horrors like genocide in Palestine that we show them we love this earth. It is precisely because we oppose this war we love this world.

Thursday, July 9, 2009



The Grim Reality of Poverty and why No one is Stopping it

Poverty. It's a grim reality we all have to face. "A blemish to the face of mankind" some call it. But can we blame the poor for the state they're in? More than 80% of humanity live in countries where the income between the rich and the poor keep getting wider. The worlds richest 1% owns 40% of the total wealth in the world. Who can we blame? The governments of the third world for being corrupt and allowing exploitation and privatization? The governments of the first world for denying the "enemy" the right to live? These are all factors contributing to the people plight. The worlds fortunate people know about these factors but a resolution on combating poverty has failed.

Behind globalization there is a motive. A motive schemed by the worlds richest men and women to steal from those who still have something and to leave them nothing. This is the worlds biggest mass murder and it is all in the name of globalization. The rich cower behind this fictitous promise of worldwide unity and global citizenship. Most American presidents would make around an average of $400,000 annually. This is not much compared to other Americans who work within the private sector. I still believe it is too much. A real man of the people I believe should be paid the average wage of a worker and is therefore apart of the workers and not the elite. The topic of class struggle has remained a hot topic even till now. You would think this topic of old would be resolved by our fathers but the duty is left to us. The global practices, decisions and promises have been driven by the rich and powerful. These global actors can include, leaders of powerful nations, multinational corporations and institutions. As a result of massive force and influence the leaders and people of less economically developed countries are time and again powerless to stop them. Consequently the rich and powerful are allowed to impose their will on the people. As an expat living in the Philippines, watching politics here is like watching Home and Away in Australia. You would see exiled presidents return like movie stars-actually they are movie stars and you would see the sons and daughters of old politicians taking over their parents's seat. The Philippines is again like most countries hiding behing the veil of democracy. It ressembles traites similiar to that of the Russian aristocracy before World War One. It is in our individual power that we have the power to help. Why is it that people continue to buy from GAP even after they know GAP uses sweat shop labour? It is now within all of us this materialistic desire much like the desire nature gave us to fuck everything that moves. Which again points us to the desire powerful and rich companies and institutions face. Economic institutions over its years in power have forged bonds between the biggest businesses in the world creating an international economic police force which threatens the lives of every worker, child and parent of the third world. Poverty is easily "curable" it is a disease that will spread from Sub-Saharan Africa to the busy streets of wall street and to the doors of the Kremlin. By allowing this economic police force we are forfeiting the future of our children. The world has changed greatly throughout its existence. This world wasn't created with barbed wire fences keeping people divided. Earth wasn't created with the rich and powerful it was created with humanity living the same harsh weather of the Ice age, it was created with all humankind on the same basis and understanding. Only then, when we started building empires and when we created social castes did we start destroying our humanity we have allowed the evilness we have been given by nature to determine our lives. We do not need survival of the fittest although we are humans and are capable of great horrors our ancestors have spent blood, and time to teach us morals and ethics. We will not let capitalism make us animals. We do not need social classes to divide while we can be united. Now I leave you with this message: Expropriate from the enemies of social equality.

What this blog is about

I started this blog so I can write about the scronful lies I have been fed. I write in this blog so I can protest against the great injustice in this world. Ulrike Meinhof said, "Protest is when I say this does not please me. Resistance is when I ensure what does not please me occurs no more." Now our brothers and sisters resisit in armed and unarmed struggle across the world. I write this blog so people who like to question authority and question the media can read this. All information in this blog is verified. Remember, dissidents are patriotic, especially if you are a dissident of America.

Expolitation and Ignorance

Dear Comrades,

I want everyone to know that my posts on my blog are very biased and I do not incite hate and violence but rather the opposite. In this post I want to talk to you all about the vast amounts of exploitation and ignorance of the worlds leaders. Most of these world leaders talk about sharing the same tastes of the average Joe. But most of the people in this world work as farmers and most suffer extreme poverty. I do not want my fellow people to be lied at it. Obama promises change but where are the bailouts for the 25,000 children going to die today? Where are the bailouts for 12 year old children wielding AK-47's? The American president in a clandestine meeting with Americas top business executives took a vow to improve the fiscal practices of America in favour of the peoples needs. I do not blame the president but rather his ego for power.

The World Trade Organisation along with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have run aground with criticisms. But first before we criticise let us examine their goals. The IMF was designed to protect the International monetary system from collapsed and thus this means they help governments overcome payment problems. The World Bank aims to invest in programmes that would help economic, social, and political development to promote post war Reconstruction. Today the IMF lends to countries with deep economic troubles by promoting privatization and economic liberalization. The World Bank then supports these programmes with loans meant for specific ends. Now we get to the criticisms. The World Bank, IMF, and the WTO have been charged for enforcing a one size fits all fiscal policy on all countries they are lending to. Some of these measures have been to harsh in certain areas including huge government social spending cuts and inflation. The Iron Triangle also advocates huge privatization of previously government controlled areas. This allows environmental degradation to occur and for basic human rights to be controlled by multinational companies. In Bolivia the indigenous people have sadly lost, Swiss water corporations have taken over water utilities and now charge the local people for their right to water. If you go on World Vision and select a child without HIV/AIDS you'll most probably see a young Bolivian child looking back at you. Nigeria's oil ridden delta leads us to the next battle. The truth is that the people of the Niger Delta are incredibly isolated. It is here that private companies such as Shell, Mobil and other foreign companies rape the land dry as the old Belgium imperialists did on the Congo. Here they use private mercenaries to impose their economic will on the people. We still have economic imperialism in the world. The Nigerian people get nothing in return. Remember Ken Saro Wiwa? Same goes for the WTO. Thousands of our brothers and sisters around the world die from AIDS that could easily be prolonged. This, we can blame on TRIPS. This allow big pharmaceutical companies to patent their products thus halting technology and knowledge and killing thousands. Generic products today are still hard to obtain because of this copyright law. 200,000 Indian farmers have killed themselves as a result of the WTO. Monsanto's Bt cotton and other GM foods are being enforced to Indian farmers and they have contributed to this "farmer genocide." They are dependent on Monsanto (GM foods don't reproduce) and subsistence farmers face the reality of not being able to feed and house their families. What about labour rights and human rights? Out of the 153 member countries none are allowed to say no to products that have been created by child labour or in sweat shops. To top it off they are not even allowed to say NO to products that have been linked to or have destroyed any part of the environment. I can go talk about this for longer but I wont because analyzing the Iron Triangle's policy would take your whole day away reading this. Now I will talk to you about the responsibility of the West's government for the third world.

The president of the United States of America is the worlds largest arms trader in the world and he gets ALOT of money from this. He profits from children shooting other children while 3 billion people live on less then a dollar a day. 44.4% of American civilian taxes go to making weapons of mass destruction, the nuke is not the weapon of mass destruction, today its the small arms. I think Eisenhower said it best,
"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. The world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children… This is not a way of life at all, in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron." Eisenhower was absolutely right.
It would take us 19 billion dollars for ever child and man to have basic education but instead we steal the money that would go to them to spend it on weapons that would take their lives away. They are robbing the lives of the people. The perfume industry of Europe and the United States would allow women across the world to have access to reproductive health. They are robbing the people of their health. Every child holding a gun, every women being rapped, every infant that dies from extreme poverty and is allowed to befall upon mankind represents the true face of our humanity. As you finish reading this post 85 children would have died from hunger.